Training and Employment

We provide educational, training, and support services that allow individuals to obtain better opportunities in life.

Services for participants

We offer customized services to unemployed adults, farm workers (including their direct dependents), workers aged 55+, and young people.

  • Training Opportunities – We provide occupational skills training, on-the-job training for specific occupations, and customized training developed according to specific employer requirements.
  • Credentialing & Certifications – We offer professional counseling and financial assistance to enable our participants to acquire credentials, licenses, and certifications recognized by employers, both locally and abroad.
  • Employment Placement and Retention Services – We assist our participants with job placement.   We also provide employee support and follow-up to ensure job retention.
  • Emergency Services – We provide food and temporary shelter services to agricultural, migrant or seasonal workers who live in poverty and are not eligible to receive other types of aid.

Employer Services

We develop and maintain collaboration agreements with a wide network of employers, whom we assist with referrals from qualified candidates, previously evaluated, and ready to begin work. These services are free of cost.

  • On-the-Job Training Program – We offer employers the opportunity to train skilled candidates who can meet the particular needs of their companies. We reimburse up to 50% of the payroll, for a pre-determined time.
  • Work Experience Program – In collaboration with non-profit employers, we provide the necessary training to create good work habits. Participants receive stipend for hours completed.
  • Occupational Skills Training – We provide training to participants, helping them acquire the necessary skills and techniques to perform in a specific job or work group.  Training is tailored to the employer needs.
  • Job Readiness Services – We identify the skills, interests, abilities, and attitudes of each participant, in order to guarantee success in the search and retention of employment.
  • Additional Services – PathStone works individually with each employer to identify necessary services for the recruitment process of a participant. Among the additional services offered are: purchase of uniforms and / or tools, medical certifications, and drug tests, among others.

Si necesita asistencia al tratar de acceder a nuestros servicios debido a una barrera de idioma, problemas de movilidad, problemas visuales o auditivos o alguna otra discapacidad, por favor déjenos saber con anticipación para poder proveerle el acomodo necesario.

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